For over 25 years the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project (CCPP)  has provided children and adults with an introduction and insight into the Catawba Indian culture. Thousands each year have visited the Cultural Center and were treated to demonstrations of drumming, dancing, pottery, beading, and much more. Our mission statement is to preserve, protect, promote, and maintain the rich cultural heritage of the Catawba Indian Nation.
We have a variety of programs available for children of all ages, civic groups, scouts, and other organizations, as well as family reunions. We are also equipped to do week-long residencies in schools on various topics such as pottery, history, storytelling, bead work, basketry, language, and many other cultural components. We strive hard to meet your program needs and will design a program specifically for your needs. Programs can be customized to meet any curriculum that you provide. We have also become mobile! We can bring most of the programs that we offer at the Cultural Center to your school, organization, or reunion. We can do a whole grade level at a time (space available) for the price of $6.00 per student for groups of 35 or more. We are also able to provide a choice of authentic Native American meals along with a cultural program.
There are a variety of other programs that we offer from basic Catawba history and storytelling, to hands-on classes on beading, basketry, and other Native American art forms. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about some of our new and exciting programming that we have to offer both on and off site. By working directly with our organization, you can help us continue to preserve our culture.

All revenues go back into our preservation initiatives and to aid in continuing our work with our At Risk After School/ Summer programs for our Catawba children.

       We look forward to hearing from you and pledge to you that we will do everything possible to provide you with quality programming that you deserve. For inquires, please contact Kris Carpenter at or you may reach us at 803-328-2427, extension 237

Offered Programs

Cooking Class

Come let us show you how to prepare some of the delicious traditional dishes of the Native Americans. You will learn about Native plants and how they were grown and harvested. You will learn to create dishes using some of the natural herbs and spices that the Native Americans had to use. You will be shown how we cooked before there were cast iron pots and skillets. Learn how we preserved our food with no refrigerator. You will have the opportunity to feast on a meal you cooked and take home the recipes. It will be a delight for not only your taste buds, but your mind as well!
Length of Experience: 3 Hours
Min/Max Participants: 8-10 
Availability: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Reservations required.

The Living Village Construction

Work on the construction of a traditional village of the Catawba Indians. You will be working on bark houses which were the traditional dwellings of the Catawba. While working, you will learn how different plants and trees were used in making our homes safe and secure. As a special treat, enjoy a lunch of Native dishes. Truly a one of a kind experience! 
Length of Experience: 7-8 hours
Min/Max Participants: 15-30
Availability: Reservations required. 

Basket Class

Basketry for Native Americans was a vital asset. Come explore how this Native art form morphed from utilitarian to collector's pieces. Explore how different natural materials were harvested and used in baskets. Explore different designs and styles of basketry while constructing your own to take with you. 
Length of Experience: 3-4 hours
Min/Max Participants: 10-20
Availability: Reservations required

Dinner with the Catawba

Want an experience you will never forget? Come and enjoy dinner with the Catawba! You will be served one of four traditional meals, such as venison stew with white/black bean bread and one of our scratch made cobblers for dessert. You can choose the menu from a variety of options. One of the menus feature Catawba sweet potato cakes/bread. Then you will experience a 45 minute presentation that showcases different styles of dance from traditional Catawba dances to competitive style. Your experience will conclude with you participating in a friendship dance with us. 
Length of Experience: 2 hours 
Min/Max Participants: 30-50 
Availability: Reservations required

Native American Games

Have you ever played Lacrosse, Native style? While here, explore various games and their purpose. How about a game involving a small hoop with a ball tied to it? Come and learn about the important role that Native American games had in the lives of Native Americans. Learn how to make a special Native American game to take with you to play again and again!
Length of Program: 2 hours
Min/Max Participants: 25-40
Availability: Reservations required